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La Capitale has developed unique expertise in helping government employees prepare financially for retirement. During the wave of early retirements in the public sector in 1997, La Capitale carried out 50% of the retirement planning—a testimony of trust that speaks volumes!

Unique financial tools

This expertise is linked to the development of unique, high-performing planning tools that help make fiscal projections with incomparable accuracy. In particular, our Financial Situation Analysis tool integrates most group insurance and pension plans for public employees.

Specialized financial planning service

For clients who wish to retire within six years or less, our financial planning service helps paint a very detailed picture of their financial situation and identify strategies to adopt before retirement.

Tailored training
La Capitale has developed a training program focusing on financial management to meet the needs of various clienteles in the public sector.

In cooperation with Cégep Marie-Victorin, La Capitale also helps present retirement planning seminars that deal with the various aspects of retirement, including health issues, psychological and social adaptation, fiscal and legal aspects, and private and public pension plans. With its financial coaching expertise, La Capitale oversees the Financial Management component presented to Quebec public and broader public sector employees. Click here for dates and locations of upcoming seminars, registration forms, and complete information on the program.