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Caring coverage for your little munchkins

As a parent, your children mean everything to you. You will do whatever it takes to make sure they have a safe and happy childhood. Providing them with accident coverage is a simple precaution but a precious gift to ensure their well-being. La Capitale is looking out for you and your children. Because you are a member of our Mutual family1, La Capitale is pleased to offer you free enrolment in our Best Buds program, which was specially designed for you to protect your little ones.

Who is the Best Buds program for?

This program is for parents who are Mutual members of La Capitale Civil Service. Insurer with children from age 15 days2 to 5 years, inclusive, on the effective date of the accident insurance contract.

What is the Best Buds program?
The Best Buds program provides accident coverage completely free of charge for 24 months for children from age 15 days to 5 years, inclusive. You can protect all the eligible children in your family with just one contract. Enrolment in the Best Buds program is free of charge and requires no obligation on your part. Lifetime limit of one free insurance policy per child.

By enrolling in the program, in addition to benefiting from accident coverage, your child will receive a premium quality, extra-soft stuffed animal that is sure to become a "best bud." The program also includes a free telephone assistance service to help you deal with day-to-day problems and situations.

For more information on the coverage offered and the amounts paid in the event of an accident before enrolling in the program, see the coverage details, which include restrictions and exclusions.

To sign up for the Best Buds program
If you have received a personalized letter about the Best Buds program which included a special application code, complete the application form now by clicking on "Enrol now."

If you have not received a personalized letter about the Best Buds program which included a special application code, contact your financial security advisor or our customer service department toll free at 1 888 703-4480.

1 Mutual member: Any holder of an insurance contract or annuity in force, issued or assumed by La Capitale Civil Service Insurer Inc. In order to enrol your child, you must be the child's father or mother, as indicated on the child's birth certificate or by virtue of legal adoption, and a Mutual member.
2 Over 14 days old and has left the hospital.