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What are your goals?
A good savings and investment strategy builds on your goals, projects, and investor profile. Finding a good product isn't hard, but identifying the strategy that suits you best requires a more in-depth analysis. La Capitale offers both a range of quality products and access to my services as a financial planner to help make your dreams come true—whatever they may be.

Let's start at the beginning

Daily Interest Account
A daily interest account is the ideal tool to help you save for short-term projects or accumulate a sufficient amount to invest in a higher-yielding product. This is a cash investment whose interest rate fluctuates with market conditions.

Immediate Tax Savings Daily Interest Account
An immediate tax savings daily interest account is a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) that helps you enjoy instant tax deductions.

Capital security above all else

Conventional Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
GICs guarantee a competitive return and make your investment portfolio more secure. Because the term and interest rate are set at the outset, you know exactly what the return on your investment will be. A solid value!

Indice-Action GIC
Want to enjoy a higher potential stock market return without risking your capital? Then the Indice-Action GIC is the ideal solution. This investment certificate offers excellent diversification because part of the capital is invested in a market index and the other at a fixed interest rate preset by La Capitale. This type of investment offers more protection against stock market volatility.

Period Deposit GIC
Periodic Deposit GICs allow you to regularly accumulate sums at a fixed interest rate through payroll deductions or preauthorized payments. The interest rate is equivalent to that of a compound interest investment and corresponds to the current rate posted for the term selected.

Progressive GIC
Progressive GICs offer a progressive rate that increases over the duration of the deposit term. An ideal investment for long term projects!

The outlook for growth is positive…

La Capitale Index Accounts
Looking to energize and diversify your investment portfolio? La Capitale Index Accounts provide a return based on recognized market indexes that comprise the leading securities on the Canadian, American and International stock markets, as well as the Canadian bond market.

Investment Funds
Do your current situation, investment horizon, and temperament allow you to take greater risks? Investment funds are your gateway to the stock market and to prospects for higher returns.

Guaranteed Security
Whatever type of deposits you may have, they are protected up to a value of $100,000 by Assuris. You also have the option of designating the beneficiary of your choice.