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La Capitale has developed a complete range of life, health, and accident insurance products and also covers all your damage insurance needs. Each type of coverage has a specific role to play as part of a solid financial strategy.


Essential coverage
La Capitale offers a complete range of permanent life insurance products to meet your needs at each stage of your life. Remember—even if you enjoy group insurance, individual insurance is essential in many cases because most types of group insurance coverage are no longer in effect when you retire or are very expensive. The younger you are when you take out life insurance, the more affordable your coverage!

For short-term needs
Your needs change over the years, ranging from education to a car, a home, children, etc. If you died prematurely, could your family maintain its current standard of living? Term life insurance can meet your specific short-term needs!

Your health is so precious
The consequences of a serious illness or accident can be very costly. Would you risk your savings to offset a work stoppage or expenses incurred following an illness or accident? La Capitale offers health and accident insurance to round out your disability insurance.


As a partner of La Capitale services conseils, your financial security advisor can recommend a reliable insurer that provides excellent service and competitive rates—La Capitale General Insurance. A subsidiary of La Capitale Financial Group, La Capitale General Insurance offers the following products:


More protection without added cost
When auto insurance renewal time rolls around, everyone looks for savings. But the best way to save is to be well protected. At La Capitale, our approach is unique, offering more protection without added cost. That's why you're automatically covered when you borrow someone else's vehicle or rent a vehicle while traveling in Canada or the United States. Not only are you well protected in case of trouble, you also enjoy access to our exclusive CAP assistance services (roadside, home, and legal assistance) free of charge.


Wall-to-wall coverage
What would you say to total protection in case of identity theft or water infiltration? La Capitale home insurance opens the door to extended coverage adapted to your changing needs. Plus, you enjoy access to our CAP home and legal telephone assistance services free of charge.