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Financial situation analysis

The Financial Situation Analysis (FSA) is a practical financial tool that helps you gather all the information about your assets and employment-related benefits.

It makes a careful record of everything from your group life insurance to your pension plan, the various government plans, and any other benefits to which you are entitled.

The analysis provides comprehensive information about your retirement, including anticipated income, age of eligibility, projected government pensions, and more so that you can determine whether your RRSP contributions are sufficient and, if necessary, reset your goals to a realistic plan of action. It's an essential tool that helps you develop your tax strategy, your retirement plan, and an effective financial security program for your family.

Your La Capitale advisor knows all the ins and outs of your group pension plans. You can be sure you'll receive complete, up-to-date information that provides a clear picture of your financial situation, both now and at retirement.

Your La Capitale advisor's approach:

1) First meeting:
a) Listens to your needs, goals, and plans
b) Gathers information to assess your financial situation

2) Second meeting:
a) Presents an analysis of your financial situation:
  • Retirement income scenarios
  • Impact of your premature death on your family's quality of life
  • Impact of your death at retirement based on your situation at the time
b) Recommends a financial strategy that will help you satisfy your needs and meet your financial goals

3) Followup:
Adjusts your strategy as your needs grow and evolve

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