Jean-François Hamel,  B.B.A.

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Financial security advisor  
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LA CAPITALE FINANCIAL GROUP is a well-established Quebec mutual that was created by and for government employees in 1940 and still belongs to them today. That's why your La Capitale advisor is your partner of choice for finding personalized solutions designed to ensure your financial future and that of your loved ones.

An advisor who listens to your needs!


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I am at your service to...

  • Listen to your needs, concerns, and financial goals
  • Analyze your financial situation
  • Help you develop a personalized financial strategy
  • Evaluate your savings and investment portfolio based on your investor profile
  • Offer you incomparable expertise on pension plans and benefits that allows you to make projections with remarkable precision
  • Propose solutions based on competitive financial products that take your real needs into account
  • Meet with you at your home or workplace at your convenience
  • Offer you the payroll deduction option to pay your premiums
  • Recommend a reputable business partner, whether it be for your home and auto insurance or your mortgage, so that you can benefit from exceptional service and attractive product offers.

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